Thursday, December 22, 2005

And right now....

I'm sitting here on my parents' computer. Mine is broken. The screen died. Everyone told me to turn my computer off at night. I guess I should have listened........

My sister got a new cat. He's so tiny and cute. We think his name is Elliot, because his ears stick out like a quirky English person. My Dad suggested naming him Pierre, which seems very sophisticated for such a small creature, but I like it. My sister is a history teacher, so the names she is comtemplating make sense. Elliot.....Pierre......see the trend?

Speaking of cats, I liked this quote: "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." (Unknown)

Mom is wrapping gifts in the next room. I'm the only one who can't run and peak, so I guess that's why she's doing it now. I actually wouldn't want to look and spoil the surprise. Does that mean I'm getting old?

As she is cutting, folding and taping presents, my Mom asked me if I think rich people pay staff to help them wrap gifts. I know Oprah does. What doesn't Oprah have?

I'm still in my pajamas. I love being at home. We had the best bathroom air freshner last Christmas. It was Cinnamon scented. The stuff made me want to drop a doozer just to have a reason to use it. I'll have to test out this year's fresh scent.

May the gift of peace, hope and happiness be wrapped in your heart this holiday season.

Gosh, that sounds like a Hallmark Christmas card! I love to write cheese. That's enough for today!



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Sounds like your family is gearing up for the big day....I like elliot cuz it reminds me of the boy from e.t.