Thursday, January 26, 2006

Comet, Comet, where did you go?

A few days ago I needed Comet, an old, reliable bathroom cleaner. My porcelin thrown was due for a scrub and a good shinning. I like to respect the place I relax and let it out. I headed to the drugstore to get some of the green powder I grew up watching my Mom use on her "cleaning Mondays". I remember Comet in a shiny, green, shaker-type container, but apparentely we've upgraded to spray bottles and scented spray. I guess I'm old. On the way to the grocery store, I saw a homeless man ranting and raving, a guy in a pink shirt with red leather pants, some suspiciously looking spaced out teenagers, some kids, and lots of elderly people. Crossing the street, I hit a bump the wrong way and almost ended up face first on the road. Thank God a nice lady steadied my wheelchair. The are nice people lurking among the city's weirdos.

In the grocery store, I found Javex, VIM, Mr. Clean, Lysol, but no Comet. This butcher boy tried to help, but he couldn't find Comet. I tried the Drugstore. Guess what I saw? Javex, VIM, Mr. Crean, Lysol. Not Comet. I headed to Hasty Market where I found, you guessed it, Javex, VIM, Mr. Clean, Lysol, still no Comet anywhere.

Cold and frustrated, I headed back to the grocery store and settled on a no-name cleaner. After all the searching with no luck, I didn't really care what kind of cleaner I got. I just wanted something to clean my white bowl.

I came home to find sausage meat in my bag. The check-out chick was too chatty, and wasn't really watching what she was doing. I don't really eat sausage. Sombody, somewhere is looking for the sausage meat they paid for and I scammed for free. Why did it have to be sausage? Why couldn't it be a bag of apples?

The whole Comet searching ordeal was a bust, but at least I was on a mission, though unsuccessful. I can't help but wonder, in a city with streetcars, subways, grocery stores, drug dealers, prostitues, and boutiques, where the heck is Comet?

See ya!


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fuuny post hun.
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