Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm back.....for now at least

Earth parted
Broke up into pieces and...
There's a chance I could have missed it
I could have risked it
But I put myself into your hands
Cause you're not just anyone
You're a ladder to the sun
You're not just anyone
You're a ladder to the sun

So it's been a while.....

My computer is unfixable. It's like it suffered a heart attack. It was working fine and then BAM! I will get a new one eventually. Life's pretty quiet without it. Nothing lasts forever, but my computer had too short of a life.

My holidays were nice. Lots of socializing, watching DVDs and eating sugary, fatty foods. I saw RUMOR HAS IT, a major chick flick, but a cute feel-good way to spend a few hours. I also saw SOME of the movie MUNICH, an important, but extremely violent and bloody account of terrorism. After seeing more murder, blood, guts and gore than I wanted to, I decided to cure my caffiene craving and leave the movie to get some java. I did feel bad leaving the Observer, but I REALLY wasn't enjoying all the shooting, bombing and slaughtering. We met after the movie ended, and by then I was pumped up and ready for a nice dinner. At least he enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed my coffee as always. It only takes a two dollar cup of beans to put a smile on my face.....

I'm reading the book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It was an Oprah book club selection. Some of her choices are not my cup of tea, but this book is good. I looked at it for a long time in Coles. I wanted it, but decided I really didn't NEED the book. I left the store and sent the Observer back with my bank card to buy it two seconds later. I'm glad the Observer is sweet and that I bought it. The book is a raw, heartwrenching portrayal of the author's journey from addiction to recovery. He is being slammed for fabricating his criminal activity which is seen by some as lying. I say, so what if he stretched the truth a bit? The pain of addiction comes through loud and clear and we know he's been to the darkest of the dark and found light on the other side. Doesn't that matter more than whether he beat someone or stole a coat?

I don't know when I'll be back, but peace out.


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GREAT BLOG I felt bad leaving you to watch munich. I promise not to choose another violent movie.

I Love you