Saturday, January 28, 2006


Saturday is almost done. My day was good. I hung with the Observer, had a Starbucks coffee, saw Cheaper By The Dozen II, and ate some of his mother's AMAZING food. The movie was cute, funny, light-hearted and sometimes cheezy- perfect to watch with someone you love. It's not much different than the first one.

I also went out for sushi with my family. I haven't had it in sooo long, but I was pretty full from the Observer's house, so I didn't pig out like I usually do. Avocado maki is the greatest. When it came time to order, this sweet, Japanese waiter looked at me and said, "Avocado maki for you?" I guess she has served me before. Given that I already come equiped with my own seat, I suppose I'm hard to forget. Have you ever had yummy food in front of you, but you're full and you KNOW the next day you're going to regret not packing it in? Ahhh, the feeling of guttony! How lucky we are to be able to overindulge.

Mom and I fought today. Since I moved out a few years ago, we have been getting along better, but sometimes my mouth still gets a little wild. There are times when we push each other and she still treats me like a kid. I know she is only acting on instinct and love, and I am lucky that she cares. It's hard to remember this in the heat of the moment, so I often get angry. Can't she see that I'm doing the best I can? I may live a bit differently than she would, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong, does it?

Deep down, I'm just frustrated. Haven't I proved that I'm an adult? Inside of saying this, I usually snap, complain, curse, or say something else not helpful. I regret saying what I do as soon as the words come out. Next time I will think before speaking.......

Here's to peaceful conversations with protective, but loving mothers.


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