Friday, January 27, 2006

When a lost, lonely girl logged on....

don’t take your life away,
I think you’d rather stay,
then follow me into the alleyway,
we were passers on the street,
I never thought we’d meet until I said,"
How do you do, my love?",
Simonize (PETE YORN)

I tape Oprah every day. Sometimes I watch it. Sometimes I tape over it. The last few days, I've watched it. On Wednesday, I caught the last half hour. There was this distraught family blamming a pro-choice website for encouraging their daughter to commit suicide ending her battle with depession. I felt horrible for the girl's family who recieved an impersonal, matter-of-fact e-mail from her after her death. I guess the girl wrote the e-mail and set it up so her family would get it too late to save her. So sad, so caculated, so morbid. They were blamming the pro-choice website for the girl's death.

While I'm in no position to judge a grieving family, I do have an opinion that may be unpopular. Oprah pointed out that the website is pro-choice, meaning that the girl went there on her own free will. No one forced her. I have to say that once someone starts posting on a website encouraging suicide, I think he or she is pretty far gone. This girl's problems were a result of serious, hidden, long-term depression, an illness requiring treatment. This is what drove her to kill herself. The website was secondary. I truly believe that when people have reached the end of their rope and want to die, they will find a way, whether a pro-choice website is involved or not.

The Internet is full of material that we should not be able to access. Websites advocating suicide are an example. Awareness about these sites is important, and changes must be made to stop the unstable from letting go, without giving help a chance. However, I think the bigger issue is that a teenage girl was in trouble and no one noticed. Perhaps, instead of giving suicide tips, the site should be made into one that offers signs and symptoms of depression. Maybe if this happens, there will less people who feel as if there is no way out.


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great post gets you thinking.....People have different ways of dealing wit grief but you are right the internet is not the issue, The net will always have pro's and cons, and people keep on forgetting the net is basically a machine with no emotion and no guidance. MAKE SENSE???