Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bed, sweet bed!

I'm tired. I'm drooling. Yuck. My body must think I'm sleeping. My pillow is ALWAYS drenched in my mouth juice. I couldn't get many zzz's last night. The more I looked at my alarm clock, the more I counted the hours I hadn't slept. I became more and more anxious and less likely to snooze. Thank goodness for coffee - sweet, sweet coffee.

I had a large coffee from Tim Hortons. It was delicious. Early in the aftenoon, I got hit with a dose of grumpiness. Tiredness, hunger, a bad hair day, and a fat day got the better of me. I'm ashamed to say that I snapped at kind, gentle, understanding Observer. I'm sorry for that. I snap at VERY few people - only the ones I love and trust. In a twisted way, it's a good sign that I can show my true colours. It means I'm comfortable with the Observer, even though that's no excuse for being less than nice. I'm glad he knew my mood wasn't about him.

There is this new song by Live called the River. It's wicked. I've been listening to the radio ALL the time hoping to hear it. I want the lyrics.

Happy zzz!


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