Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A cashier and a cranky neck...

What matters is from the chest up. The rest of our bodies matter too of course, but our actions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours originate from either the head or the heart, or a combination of the two. The neck exists in that area too. When damaged, we're in trouble, as is the case with the head and heart. Speaking of which, my neck HURTS! I need Advil. There's nothing like it to cure pain, but I heard it's bad for the liver. Ah well, can't have everything, right?

I didn't do much today- just slept and had an appointment. It's nice to be home hanging with Mom and Dad. I love my bed. My sleep is more peaceful. At my apartment, I'm the lady of the house and am always on guard, even during snoozing.

Yesterday in Zellers, I lined up at the cash. The cashier said she wasn't taking any new customers. I went to the next cashier and the lady behind me saw the other cashier who wouldn't serve me take another customer. She asked me what the first cashier said. I told her, then said, "Maybe I went to the wrong cash register." She said no, and asked to speak with the manager. The woman angrily explained what had happened to me. My face went fire engine red. I hate conflict. I hate being involved in conflict even more.

Embarrassed, I left the store before the situation was resolved. I don't know why that cashier wouldn't serve me. I'm not scary, just disabled. Maybe she was scared I'd bite her or ask her for help going to the washroom. Whatever the cashier's reasoning, I'm glad that someone stood up for me. I just wanted to buy a pack of Halls.

Thinking about it now, it's a bit sad that I automatically assumed I had done something wrong. I'm used to people staring, whispering, pointing or gossiping about me. I don't even notice these things anymore. It's just reality for me. I'm not asking for pity here, just telling you how it is for me and anyone else who is different. People are afraid of what is different. I get that, but it doesn't mean we can avoid the things we are scared of, especially when they are human beings.

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hallauah to that. I Apologize 4 not seeing the event.