Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Coffee sweetness...

Another zzzless night. Ah well, there's always tomorrow. You know what's strange? I still had tiny, yellow sleep bits in my eyes. Sometimes I call them eye boogers. Do you think there's a sleep fairy who comes and sprinkles eye bits in our eyes while we're dreaming?

I ate beans for breakfast. Good thing I'm alone today. I also had WAY too much chocolate. It was disguisting. I'm feeling the need for a Starbucks coffee now. Sugar and caffiene go hand in hand.

I'm excited to watch the Grammys tonight. I'm betting on U2. They are one of a kind.

I just got back from Starbucks. The need for coffee was so strong that I left my post mid thought. Addict or what? The sweetest thing just happened to me. There was no automatic door or button, so I was waiting for someone to help me. All at once, five guys rushed to my rescue. In one store, on one day, there were five kind souls. I ordered my coffee and was struggling to get my money. The guy said it was his treat. I kept insisting I pay, and he kept saying no. That has happened to me a few times at coffee shops. Strangely, it's always when I'm having a really bad day and I'm losing faith in the kindness of people. It was just so sweet. Maybe I got a free coffee because the guy at Starbucks felt sorry for me, but I like to think that he would do that for anyone.

I live near Church Street, Canada's largest gay community. There are so many friendly, sweet, cute guys around. The area is very welcoming to people with disabilities. There are always people who have my back, or asking if I need help. I think anyone who is different or challenged in some way has compassion for others who do too.

That coffee was extra good. Thank you sweet Starbucks guy.


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