Monday, February 13, 2006

One Hot Hawaiian......

I'm just you, you're just me
But it's only true if we believe
Well there really ain't no use in stopping
What nobody never told me not to do
So I'll keep people watching, watching me now
Finding my way back to you
People Watching (JACK JOHNSON)

I'm posting this picture of Jack Johnson and his band. I LOVE Jack AND his music. He's very talented and just happens to be attractive. Anyone who makes music like he does HAS to be super sweet and sensitive. He's a lot like Dave Mathews, but not as strange, and you can actually decipher what the lyrics in his songs are. I really want to see Curious George. The whole soundtrack is a big dose of sweet, sexy Jack and the movie must be so cute. Everyone loves George. I wasn't sure where Jack Johnson grew up, but a reliable source told me that he hails from Hawaii. Are all guys from Hawaii as hot as Jack?


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