Monday, February 27, 2006

Sad stuff and stomach storms...

I froze in my apartment today. I was sitting in an icebox. Over the weekend, I realized I was living in a sweatbox, so we opened the windows. Well, it worked a little too much. A sweater and lots of hot beverages helped me ward off the early symptoms of hypothermia. When I'm cold, my teeth chatter freakishly. It's like an unstoppable reflex. It happens when I'm in the buff, but can easily be cured with a little "heat."

I saw Imagine You And Me, a pure English chick flick with a twist and a good overall message. Movies about English people are just so frank and funny. Some of those jokes in movies only work when said by someone with an English accent.

While I'm not a Sheryl Crow fan, I just heard that she has breast cancer. That's awful. I'll be praying for her.

The news has been covering the story of Brigadier, a Toronto Mounted Unit police horse who was killed in a hit and run that also injured an officer. My Dad recently retired from the Toronto Mounted Unit and was involved in a similar accident that also killed a horse a few years back. Police horses are regarded as part of a big family, so losing one is no different than a fallen officer. I'll be praying for everyone on the Toronto Mounted Unit too.

My stomach hurts......yuck. You know when you can hear a big thunder bolt brewing in your belly?

Well, there are worse things I could be feeling!