Monday, February 06, 2006


Another week is here! My computer decided to mess with me AGAIN. GRRRR! Ah well, it's better now.

Well, here's a delayed update:

Last week Lou and I saw Matchpoint, this independent film that has been making waves in Hollywood. It has the same back-stabbing, huge, English, man-jerk edge that Closer does, but with a twist. Scarlett Johassen has a supporting role. She's beautiful. Anyway, it was a chick flick, but not cheezy. I loved it! Right before we saw it, we went for a late lunch at Jonny Rockets, this diner type burger joint at Square One. It's a really fun place and they play oldies. I couldn't stop laughing. The floats are yummy. Even though it was last week, it was an awesome date.

My weekend was busy but gooood. I saw Big Momma's House II. It was OK, kind of dumb. Everyone says the first one is better, but I wouldn't know.

On Saturday, Lou and I met up with another couple. It was nice. I had coffee in the prettiest mug. Just for the record, Lou can see WHOEVER he wants, WHENEVER he wants, eat WHATEVER he wants, and do ANYTHING he wants. I'm saying this because I heard some disturbing things and will never allow them to happen in my relationship. Love is a we, not a me.

We met up with more friends on Sunday. Friends rock. By last night, I was dead, but it was a nice tired.

Happy first-day-of-the-week!

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great post hun it made me laugh. How's your pc.