Thursday, February 23, 2006

To know we are lucky...

I miss my parents. I always do when I go home. Mom always stocks me up with yummy food, supplies I need, and things she knows I love. Moms are the best. Dad is my ear. He listens, doesn't judge, adds humour, and is an overall sweet, amazing person. We don't get to choose our parents, so I know I lucked out. Thank you God for Mom and Dad.

Today I was watching a taped episode of Oprah, a special report on the untold stories of Huricane Katrina survivors. The purpose of the show was to expose how the victims are slowly being forgotten, even though many are still homeless, without neccessities and on the brink of being ignorned. It was so sad to see these people with nothing, searching for structure and, at the very least, recoginition.

After the show, I felt lucky to be drinking coffee and having a hot meal in my warm, safe apartment. Oprah shared the thoughts of a hurricane surviour a few weeks ago. The surviour said, "I learned that I can survive with nothing."

Here's to a Friday that's around the corner!


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A touching post that rings sooo true

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