Thursday, March 02, 2006

Buses and other bravado....

That bus picture looks blurry. Buses were not my friends yesterday. I live in the 416. My parents and the Observer live in the 905. When I want to see them or have meetings, I have to catch a connecting ride, because I am changing regions. This involves booking rides in advance and allowing time for delays, bad weather, and life's happenings. It's not the quickest way to ride, but after a while, it's not bad.

I had planned to go to the 905 for a meeting and meet the Observer for lunch afterwards. Well, my meeting was cancelled, but I wasn't missing my chance to have lunch with the Observer. It was short and sweet.

Already in the 905, I realized I made a mistake and was going to miss my bus. I was in deep. It's not like I can just hop on another one. Missing a wheelchair bus means long hours of waiting, pleading, demanding, redialing and self pity. The 905 transportation system kindly agreed to take me to my parents' house, instead of the connecting spot. Thank goodness for their flexibility. Thank goodness my parents were home. Thank goodnes Dad drove me back to my apartment.

I love Oprah, but not yesterday. She was interviewing Meg Ryan who is a bit strange and standoffish. She mentioned that she had been doing humanitarian work in third world countries. Out of left feild, Oprah decided to point out that she is behind building schools in Africa. So what????? We KNOW she helps those in need, but so do others. Not everything has to be about HER. Oprah shrunk her waist. Now she needs to shrink her head. I doubt she has ever had to wait hours for a bus or ask anyone to rescue her from being stranded.


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I was soo happy to see you that day and I'm sorry you missed your ride but at least you got to go home and spend your day with dad. OPRAH TAKE THAT C.G HAS SPOKEN!