Thursday, March 23, 2006

A cold shower....

Every morning someone comes to help me get out of bed. I never know who is coming through my door. Sometimes I like the person; sometimes I don't. Either way, I need help getting up, showered, and ready for the day. I'm stuck with whoever shows up. There are days when I want to say, "You are rude and lazy. Get out my face," but I can't. I smile and say, "Good morning."

I have places to go and people to see, so I need to be clean. I need to feel like me. Most mornings I shower. Usually the person who gets me out bed helps me. No questions. No refusals. No grief - until two weeks ago.

This lady I don't particularily enjoy came to get me out bed. I know I made a sour face when I saw her as I pulled my head from under the covers. She smiled fakely. "Good morning. What are we doing today?" I told her I needed a shower. She said she didn't have time. "Well, I really need one," I said, hiding my discontent. The lady groaned. I knew she was not pleased. I knew she didn't like her job. I knew I didn't like her, but I also knew that didn't matter. I just needed my shower and a cup of coffee.

I was bitter all through my shower. What right did she have to complain? She showered every day. What couldn't I? I wanted to say, "You are laaazy. You have little compassion. When you're old and can't shower yourself, I think you'll feel bad about how you treated me." However, I knew this wouldn't help.

I've mulled over the incident for the last two weeks. I'm still mad at the lazy lady. Today I thought of exactly what I should have said.

"You look like you take good care of yourself. You must shower every day."


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to all lazy ppl: if u don't like your job get out.