Friday, March 10, 2006

Little glassless girl in a big city...

I'm not wearing my glasses. I chose this picture because I wish I was. It's late and I'm too lazy to get them. Everything is blurry. I must be getting old. My pajamas are falling down. My bottom is exposed. My hair is a mess. I must be a sight for sore eyes. Actually, my eyes are sore. I guess that's why I'm supposed to wear glasses. I love my glasses. They are Gucci. I figure; if you gotta wear 'em, wear 'em in style. Don't get me wrong: I'm not a brand name kind of girl. I'll wear whatever I like, as long as it's comfortable. I like Gap clothes, just because they are a classic style.

These guys on the street were just gay bashing outside my window. I hate that. Everyone knows this is a highly populated gay community. If you can't accept that, don't come around here. It's usually pretty peaceful. Late at night when people drink, it can get bit rowdy though. I like living in the big city. No one knows me. No one cares to. I'm just a girl in a big crowd of busy people. There are quite a few strange birds around here. People talk to walls, beg for money, ramble, sell their bodies, curse, dress in a different gender, preach, put their faces right in front of yours, sell overpriced pens and umbrellas, and do whatever it takes to get by. I guess that's what we're all trying to do; it's just that in the city, we see struggling people right before our eyes. It's less obvious everywhere else.

I grew up less than half an hour from where I live now, but it's a different world. There are no homeless people, prostitutes, drug dealers, or pan handlers in my orginal neck of the woods. There are just people who try their best to make a living or whatever makes them happy. Troubled people are everywhere, but in some places, like my stomping grounds, they are hidden. I guess it's easier for lost souls to get even more lost around here, because they are just one of a million faces on the street. Sometimes I like being just a girl no one knows. It reminds that I know who I am which is more important.

Happy weekend!






OCG said...

Yeah, I feel ya! I think you're the only one who reads them.