Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Don't be thanked for smoking...

I'm tired. The weekend was good, full of great company and way too much food. I didn't overindulge in chocolate and didn't crave it as usual. What's up with me? Maybe it's because I stuffed my face with everything but chocolate.

This morning I spilled my coffee everywhere. It made a huge mess and I only got about three sips before my cup toppled. I knew it was going be one of those days. My wheelchair controller is busted making it hard to drive. I had a bad headache from lack of coffee by mid morning. I was cranky all afternoon and knew I had to get some caffiene in me. Under normal circumstances, Starbucks coffee bothers my stomach, but I didn't care. It was time for the real stuff. The large dark roast Starbucks coffee I ordered cured my headache and moodiness. I felt like my old self.

Even with a super dose of caffiene flowing through my body, Thank You For Smoking just didn't grab the attention of myself or the Observer. We just coudn't get into it and left. We've NEVER done that before. It was just too slow. I think it's about this tobacco lobbiest and the power of advertising over addiction. That's just a guess remember, because I did only see about half an hour of the whole movie. We decided to go eat instead. I had, you guessed it- a buttered bagel. This time only one half was buttered. I felt a bit less guilty this week about the bagel, but it didn't taste as good.

For a day that started off badly, it ended fine. There are always going to be less-than-good, movies, mornings and events. That's life, but at least there are good people and strong cups of coffee to balance out what could be better. I'm glad I don't smoke too. I like to have white teeth and fresh breath.


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