Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A crazy little secret...

I am HUNGRY! It's almost lunch time. I can't wait. Do you ever get hungry even though you just ate? I just had breakfast. I don't understand why my tummy says it's starving. I had toast with butter. I used to avoid butter because I thought it was fattening until I heard about Becel. It's made with a healthy kind of fat, monosaturated I think. Anyway, I usually choose natural peanut butter to go on my toast because it has protien and other healthy stuff in it, but every once in a while, I break out the Becel. It was good toast.

It's a nice day out. The sun is shinning. I have a few errands to do. I need paper towels, Advil, and a cup of coffee.

Yesterday the Observer and I went to Caseys after seeing the Da Vinici Code. Caseys has a mix of bar food and funky healthy choices like stir-fry and my favourite - sweet potato fries. I love them! They are so much better than regular fries - maybe because they are orange. I like to think they are healthier too, but they taste fried, which puts them in the same league as plain old french fries. I wish I could just eat and enjoy my food. I always worry. I worry about calories, fat, sugar and gaining weight. I am worrying about food that's already in my stomach. I know it's crazy, but it's just the way I am.

Later this afternon I'm going home for a few days even though I just came back. I'm a bit sad. I just got back to my stuff, my suroundings, my freedom. It is always nice to have company and I love my old room and bed. I feel like it's happy to have me back.

If you're reading this, peace, love and go try sweet potato fries!


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