Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It only takes a second...

Do you ever not know what to say? If you say something, you might say everything, and you're not ready yet. So you say nothing. You think.You question. You feel. You cry, but the words won't come out. It only takes one second to open your mouth and for a flow of ground-breaking words to follow. It takes one second to decide not to speak and wait for another day.

The Observer is having a bad day. I feel bad for him. I do understand. I have bad days too. They suck. Everything can be going fine and then, BAM! Here comes the tide to knock us down.

It only takes one second for a heart to break. That scares me. I used to try to be positive all the time - to smile, laugh and point out the good in among the darkness. I still recognize good around me, but the bad is part of life too.

In a second, everything I know, love, trust, and value could be ripped away. On the other side, in a second, a bad day can be totally turned around. Both realities are important.