Sunday, June 18, 2006


I just got back from spending the weekend with my parents. I miss them. I always do. Dorathy was right; there's no place like home.

I hope my Dad had a good Father's Day. We went to Tim Hortons. It's very close to my house, so we've walked over in winter, spring, summer, and fall for years. It's our time to catch up. We both love coffee, and always find something to discuss. I always leave the coffee shop feeling as though it was time and money well-spent.

Yesterday I went to the Observer's house. It was a sizzler of a day outside. We went to buy our dads gifts and headed over to Starbucks for a caffiene fuel up. Eveyone has been ordering these bannana coconut frappicunos. The Observer LOVES them. I never venture far from my beloved house coffee. I enjoyed our afternoon and left with the same comforting sense I always get after seeing him and his parents. They are a very kind and warm bunch.

My older brother is getting married in a year. I'm so happy for him, but it's just unbelievable. I guess big events are that way sometimes. When we love our family so much, maybe we feel like each milestone is partly ours as well. This is the first sibling of mine to get married. I hope it's the day he and his wife-to-be envison. My brother has found a wife he deserves, so that's more important than the wedding day. I just hope there is good red wine.


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we love u honey nothing beats good read wine!!!!!

love u