Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The magic cookie...

Here's a picture of the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!

The Doubletree International Plaza Hotel is where I go to catch my bus to go between regions or the city, or the 'burbs'. I've waited there for a bus for years, during rain, snow, heat, illness, exams, conferences, job interviews, and anything else that goes on. It's my second home in between my new and old life.

It's a fancy hotel. There are gold taps in the washroom. I see distinguished people come and go and hope to be like them one day. It would be nice to be a hotel guest there on my wedding night.

I really don't mind letting the seconds, minutes and hours pass while I sit and wait. I people watch, look in the mirror, eat candy, chat to the bellmen, or talk on my cell phone. It's relaxing and familar.

After so many years of being picked up and dropped off, the bellmen know me well. They've often seen me at the beginning and end of each day, and are always eager and friendly to chat with. Every once in a while, I am at the hotel when their signature cookies are fresh from the oven. Each guest is handed one and it's usually eaten while still in the lobby. We all know a good cookie is hard to find.

Yesterday I was grumpy. Life was just bothering me. I did have a good day with the Observer, but felt bad for being a little off.

While waiting for my bus, Anthoney, my favourite bellman sweetly gave me a cookie. I wasn't even hungry, but ate it anyway. It was delicious and all my problems, and worries melted away. A good cookie is magic.


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