Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Skipping out on proud & loud...

It's Pride Week in Toronto. I live right in the middle of all the action. My apartment building is in the heart of the city's largest gay community. It feels like a big party. I'm not gay and I don't enjoy crowds, but I like the concept of embracing who we are. The whole party scene as always made me feel a bit out of place. I only went to a few wild nights in high school, and almost none in university. Maybe I'm old before my time.

Living downtown is quite the experience. There's always some reason to hold your head up going down the street. I've said before that the Church Street community is very welcoming, especially towards people who have disabilities. I suppose, when we're different, we have compassion for others who are too.

Instead of being in the middle of the action, I'm going home to my parents. I think the Observer and I are going to check the new flick called
Click or the animated movie Cars. I think Click will be the winner, because we've seen quite a few animated movies lately. I'm a big kid.

I miss home. I've only been gone five days. Just like a kid, I get home-sick. That will be our secret, OK?


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can't wait to see you.

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