Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot, hot, heat!

It's Sunday night and I just got back to the city. It doesn't seem right that the weekend is over already. It flew by before I could realize it.

I miss the Observer. He's at summer rush, a dance/pop concert of various artists at Canada's Wonderland. He was very excited to go. Unfortunately, given travel/time constraints, I couldn't swing it. I'm glad he gets the chance to enjoy the music and hang out with some of his co-workers at the same time. I hope he's yelling his face off and soaking up the sun in the groove.

I had a family dinner tonight. It was nice to see everyone and the food was tasty. I had two pieces of strawberry pie.....shshshsh. I enjoyed every bite.

My brother and his wife-to-be announced their wedding party. My twin brother will be best man, my sister's long-time boyfriend will be a groomsman, the bride's brother will serve as another groomsman, and two of my brother's close friends will round things off. As for bridesmaids, the bride's sister will be maid-of-honour, my sister and I will be bridesmaids, and two of her friends as well. I'm honoured, but am worried about doing something wrong. I've never been in a wedding before, much less my brother's! I love that everyone in both of their families is included. It totally reflects the values of my brother and his fiancee. I keep thinking about how my brother will have to make a speech. He's so sweet and will do amazing, but I know he'll be nervous. The wedding is a year away, but I know it will go by quickly.

I haven't really been away in a long time. As a student with a limited budget, it's almost impossible. Them's the brakes, I guess! It would be nice to spend the night at a hotel with the Observer just to get away, but we'll have to see what happens. At least I can go home whenever I please, which is a mini vacation. It's certainly hot enough here, so we have tropical type climate. Too bad we don't have the other perks of being on holiday, but we can't have everything, right?


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