Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My mystery night-time critter...

Do you ever think you're hearing things lying in bed at night? Like the scratch of little critter feet? Do you shiver with fear or get the creeps? Are you ever embarrassed to admit this? Do you wonder if you're going crazy?

If you answered yes to some or all of my questions, you know how I felt last night. And the night before. And the night before that too. I've been doing a lot of critter listening and not so much sleeping. A big reason is due to the gapping whole in the corner of my bathroom. That's due to my oh-so-bumpy quest to learn to drive my new, top-of-the-line wheelchair. So the hole is my fault because I'm a bad driver. It's ugly and screams, "Look at me!" or the more obvious, "Look at how horrible you are at driving your wheelchair!" On top of being noticeable, the hole is perfect for something to crawl through. Something furry. Something with four legs and a tail. Something scary. Something like a mouse.

The first night I heard movement I thought the worst; a psycho murderer had found me and this was the end. The second night my fears weren't so dark. I knew it was a critter who was making use of my spacious pad. Unfortunately knowing there was an uninvited guest didn't make it easy for me to get sleep. The scratching and mysterious noise didn't either. Last night I slept with the kitchen light on. I don't think this helped me relax. All night long I tried to avert my gaze from the kitchen to avoid seeing anything gray or black, furry and with a tail. In trying so hard to not see one or more critters, I successfully managed to not sleep too.

I'm a girl who needs her sleep. When I don't get it, watch out. Desperate for hole repair help and reassurance that I didn't have a furry room mate, I called the only person I knew would come to my aid no question. My Dad. He did not disappoint. He patched up the whole with his fatherly touch, rigged up a mouse trap, and of course it was great to see him. He admitted being doubtful that a mouse was making night rounds. He knew I could be a bit nuts, but loved me anyway.

Hopefully now I can get some quality slumber time. It's funny. Dad's been the person I've always come to with my troubles, including fights and conflicts with other people. He never ceases to help me work out a solution by listening or offering advice, often thinking of the other person's view. Dad's good at resolving problems between people. It seems he's not bad at keeping a mouse (or other critter) away from my house either.




hope you have good sleep tonight my love


i love u