Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No thanks...

There's an art to just saying no. I haven't mastered it. Well, not totally. Case in point: this morning's visit with my former attendent (but more important, my sweet friend, Trudy). Now, Trudy came by unexpectedly and her time is always tight, so I was very happy to see her. Normally I get annoyed when people drop over without calling first, but I shrugged it off. At least I get visitors, right?

After a happy greeting, it didn't take long for our conversation to turn to Trudy's favourite topic: God and Christianity. She's a true believer in the benefit of going to church, praying daily, reading the Bible and being a straight shooter. Don't get me wrong: I have faith myself and try to be a soild citizen, but I don't read the Bible much and, at this point in my life, don't see the need to spend Sundays at church.

Trudy has been encouraging me to go to Church for years and discretly left a Bible on my kitchen table. I wasn't bothered, but wasn't interested. Trudy went on for a while this morning about the importance of going to worship and even prayed, which was fine, but things turned a different corner when she mentioned that if I went to her Chruch, people may pray that I be healed from my disability. I can't walk, but I'm OK with that thanks. I think I'll see a movie with this Observer this Sunday instead of being healed. It's simplier....and sweeter.


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