Sunday, August 06, 2006

People watching...

I love going to the Train station. I spent yesterday there with a friend. There's so many people coming and going. I feel their excitement just watching them. Why go on a trip when you can watch others about to leave? It's a cheap thrill (literally), but I always enjoy it. I was quite entertained watching people go up and down the stairs to get on and off the subway. Seeing people meet up with their family and friends gave me a strange rush. I was stuffing my face with unhealthy grub all day. It must have been all the energy I was using to be nosey.

Living in the city, I see a lot of homeless people who rifle through garbage cans. It makes me sad, because I know they must have big problems. Sometimes it's obvious just by looking at some people that hunger is not their only issue, but it must be a pressing one for sure. Yesterday I saw a relatively well-dressed gentleman sorting through a garbage can. At first I assumed he was taking out all of the trash that should go in the recycling bin. I realized I was wrong when he took out a half empty cup of iced coffee and finished it. Now, we all know I'm a coffee lover, but that's going a bit far. I would never have thought that gentleman would need to sort through trash, but I guess I should have realized that we all come from different places. I was, after all, at the train station.


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sad but true facts.

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