Friday, August 25, 2006

Purple Monkey Dishwasher...

A few weeks ago, the Observer and I were going down Younge Street (the city's largest street) and I saw a paper plate with the words, Purple Monkey Dishwasher! That's right!" written in green marker. My heart began beating a little faster. I remembered getting an e-mail a few years ago from my boyfriend at the time with the subject line: Purple Monkey Dishwasher. Lines like these weren't unusual for him, (or me for that matter) to use in conversation or writting. We both loved humour and funny nonesense. Not surprisingly, my ex boyfriend LOVED The Simpsons, so finding out the term's origins came as no surprise

Upon conducting a search to define the term Purple Monkey Dishwasher, I discovered the following meanings:

(1) Originating from an episode of The Simpsons (episode 2F19 "The PTA Disbands")

It has taken on a comical nonsensical interjectional use, appropriate as comic relief or as a tension breaker.

Person A: "Jeezus!! Who the hell ate the last Joe Louis?"

Person B: "Purple Monkey Dishwasher?"

(2) Despite claims this phrase originated on The Simpsons, it actually existed long before it was used in the show. The phrase is intended to portray the distortion of facts when passed from person to person. Its use in The Simpsons was accurate; Bart starts a rumour by whispering to one person who whispers it to another, etc. By the time the rumour reaches the front of the crowd, the phrase Purple Monkey Dishwasher has been added to the end due to people mishearing the original rumour as it passed from person to person. Due to the popularity of The Simpsons, the phrase has since become a commonly used response to opinions stated based on hearsay and unconfirmed rumours.

Person A: "I heard from a friend of a friend that John cheated on Linda with Karen!"

Person B: "Purple Monkey Dishwasher."

(3) A quick inconspicuous phrase to alert your friends of the presence of a suspicious looking/acting character, in other words - "Let’s get out of here."

Out shopping with friends, you notice a stranger eyeing off your handbags but your friends are too distracted to notice.

Friend: "Do you think this dress will look good with my red heels?"

You: "Purple Monkey Dishwasher!"

(4) Derived from The Simpsons, a term that should now be applied to the end of every game of Chinese whispers/ broken telephone.

Person 1: "The Sky is blue"

Person 17: "The man eats poo. Purple Monkey Dishwasher.”

(5) The answer to any "why" question you do not know.

Person A: "Why didn’t you eat your veggie?"

Person B: "Purple Monkey Dishwasher.”

(6) A dishwasher made by the world famous Purple Monkey brand that comes with a one year guarantee.

Person A: "That dishwasher is l33T."

Person B: "I know, it's Purple Monkey."

Sadly, my ex boyfriend passed away a few months ago. Though we stopped dating two years ago, his death hit me hard. You see, I only date amazing people. It felt as though the whole world lost a great person.

Some people believe in getting signs from those who have left us. I've always been doubtful of that happening, particulary in this instance because my relationship with my ex boyfriend didn't end on the best of terms. I'm sure he could think of people in his life more deserving of a sign from heaven. Maybe my former boyfriend meant for me to see those words on that plate, remember him, and smile, because that's exactly what I did.


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