Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today is Saturday. I have drank two cups of coffee so far. It's almost 1:00 p.m.

I'm a big fan of the new Snow Patrol album called Eyes Open. Two songs have been on ER and Grey's Anatomy. The song Chasing Cars is really big on the radio now, but I like a less popular song called Open Your Eyes. It doesn't get a lot of air play yet, but it probably will sooner or later.I NEVER buy CDs. I just don't. I REALLY wanted this one so I waited until I had a reasonable amount of finances. As luck would have it, my brother's new girlfriend who works at HMV heard that I wanted the album and gave it to me for free. I REALLY like her now.

I have a channel on my TV where I can see who is coming through the front door of my apartment building. It's pretty cool. I enjoy being nosey. Last night the Observer was here and we flipped to the channel to spy on people. There's this slightly creepy lady who lives in my building who wears mismatched clothing and clownish type make-up. She's sweet, lonely, paronoid, and seems a bit lost. I don't know her name, but I've talked to her a few times. If I say hello, she's hard to get away from. She will take about anything and everything. I'm thinking that she takes anti-anxiety medication that makes her sleep during the day. I say this because her eyes look extra big and alert, the kind of biggness that only comes from pills. She was in view of the security camera and we watched her put on her too-tight jacket with her shorts and knee-high socks. She's quite a sight. I feel bad for her. Her life isn't easy. When she scratched her bottom, I had to laugh.

Sometimes I wish I take the time to chat with her for a while. I could, but I'm afraid I'll never get away. Maybe I'll try telling her that I just have a few minutes to talk. That's better than ignoring her. All she wants is company and conversation. We all deserve that.

The Observer is coming over this afternoon. I think we might watch Wedding Crashers. I love that movie. I'm looking forward to a glass of red wine. This is my Friday ritual, but why not have a glass today too? Wine is good for the soul.

I feel like having vegetable sushi for dinner. It's cheaper at the grocery store, so I might buy it from there. The Observer doesn't like sushi, but there a few other options nearby.

Wine, Wedding Crashers, sushi, hanging with the is good.


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