Friday, October 06, 2006


Have you ever eaten soy nuts? Maybe. Maybe not. Lots of people have never heard of soy nuts. They are mostly found in health food stores. A couple of years ago, I tried to healthy to an unhealthy degree. I ate only a little of very healthy food, no junk, no bad fat, no processed sugar, no bread. Doesn't leave much to eat, huh?

As you can imagine, I was a very hungry girl a lot of the time. I talked about food, read about food, dreamed about food and did everything with food except eat enough of it.

One of my attempts to eat ultra healthy involved soy nuts. They took a while to track down, but my Mom eventually found them. When she gave me the nut container, the calorie content on the back was scratched out with a magic marker. I guess she wanted me to eat them instead of count how many calories were in each nut.

I ate them a few times and thought they were OK - salty and crunchy. However, soy nuts lost their appeal when I discovered they were fried. So much for good fat. They got shafted to the back of my fridge for curious visitors to try. It seemed they got an OK rating. I realized not a lot of people cared as much as I did about the saturated fat content. Actually it seemed no one cared as much as I did about fat content. Period.

It took me a long time to realize that eating healthy doesn't mean eating almost nothing, that not all food will make me fat, and most important, I am OK. I struggled for a long time. I still do, but again, I am OK.

I finished the soy nuts last night. They've been in my fridge for two years. You might think it's nasty that I ate them after so long. I was going to throw them out until I noticed that they looked, smelled and tasted fine. I guess nuts don't age as fast as people do.

I know I ate some saturated fat, but I didn't freak out. I'm in a better place in my life now. Maybe I needed to go a little nuts to get here.


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Anonymous said...

funny how life works huh.

love u