Saturday, December 30, 2006

The hat situation...

Today I went to see the flick Holiday with my man (the Observer). It was quite a worthwhile way to spend the afternoon. Jude Law, Cameron Dias, Jack Black and Kate Winslett made a surprisingly good team. I love English accents, so that was a bonus. Honestly, Jude Law could just stand frozen in silence in a movie and I'd watch it with my mouth hanging open. He's one beautiful man. Looks aside, Jude Law doesn't seem as sweet on the inside, so I don't think I'd like him in person. Good packaging only keeps my attention for so long. That's why I love the Observer; he's still a treat when you get past his wrapping.

This afternoon I was upset with the Observer. See, the Observer left his hat in the movie theater. By the time the Observer realized he was hat-less, it was about time to catch our only-comes-once, we're-dead-if-we-miss-it bus. Now you should know that the Observer is hairless, so a hat-less Observer can quickly turn into a chilly Observer.

Anyway, I decided on a plan. Since the Observer hadn't had dinner and this was his chance, I told him to grab a quick bite while I tried to track down his toque. Once at the theater, I tried to explain to movie staff that my friend left his hat in the movie. "Could they please let me get the hat from the theater?" I asked.

They looked busy - too busy to look for one measly hat.

After some pleading, I knew it was no use. I hurried back to meet the Observer, expecting him to holding dinner or eating. I found him right where I left him. Empty handed. No dinner.

I was annoyed. I told him he was supposed to buy his dinner or help me find his hat. I grilled the Observer about just sitting there while I followed the plan and said, that if he wasn't going to eat, he should have at least come with me to look for his hat. I said this was his chance to eat, so he should have taken it.

The Observer listened to me vent for a bit. He knew I was mad. I like when we work as a team. We make a good one most times. I like us to be equal, to feel like we help each other out, but still keep our independence. I don't like him doing things I can do for myself and I don't like doing things he is able to do for himself either.

Maybe the people in the mall who heard me venting to the Observer thought I was being rude. That's OK. People argue. People get frustrated. It's hard for me to get angry, especially at the Observer. He's really sensitive - like me. I hate hurting his feelings. Good communication is important. I'm glad he knew I was angry. I'm not sure if the Observer understands why. I don't know if he realized that it wasn't about him not eating dinner. It was about us helping each other as a team, not one person getting something done while the other stays still.

The Observer never got his hat from the theater. He didn't eat dinner either, but at least we communicated.


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