Saturday, December 16, 2006

Riding with the moods of the world...

My bus driver was nice to me this afternoon. I also had a taxi driver too. He was rude. He always is. I'm tempted to be rude back one day. I don't think that will ever happen. I talk a big talk. I do. Being rude doesn't solve anything but it's tempting. It's tempting to stand up for ourselves and dish out what we've had to take, but again, being rude doesn't help. At least I had one nice driver today.

Last night I hung out with my dog, Maddie. My parents went out so we kept each other company. She's getting old and lost her mobility due to a chronic disk injury. Maddie needs help with everything. We actually have much in common now. OK, back to last night - Maddie fell asleep on my bed. As I watched TV beside her, I decided to munch on chips. The very second I crunched into a chip, Maddie sprang into hyper alertness. She may have lost her physical abilities, but not her love for food. I'm glad about that. Maddie is almost always happy. She brings so much joy to our lives. Maybe the rude taxi driver I had today needs a dog. I bet the nice bus driver this afternoon has one.


* NOTE: The dog in the picture is a Cockapoo, like Maddie, except that Maddie is mostly all black. I know it's almost Christmas, not Halloween, but the dog was just so cute...*


Random Pictures & Musings said...

I agree that rude talk isn't always appropriate, but sometimes it sure does feel good/better to give someone who is rude exactly what they have been giving back to them. I had osmeone giv eme grief on a daily basis for a long time because they were a bully. One day I told that person off ROYALLY and they immediately stopped giving me their nasty attitude. I' ve been picked on all my life and am slowly beginning to get myself to where I want and need to be. I felt so much better after telling that person off and I noticed that my stress level dropped drastically in almost all areas because of that incident. It became a turning point in my life, and I'm a better person for it. Peace to you, I like your blog and will return again :)

OCG said...

Yes, I guess there's a fine line between avoiding conflict and letting others treat us badly. It takes confidence to stand up to someone who is rude or intimidating. I hope to gain the confidence to do this soon.

Thanks for reading.