Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold days and words...

It's VERY cold outside
Bitter cold.
We've had very warm weather until now.
I guess we can't complain.
It IS January.

I had to wait a long time for my bus this afternoon.
My feet went numb.
When the taxi driver FINALLY showed up, he was having car troubles.
Poor dude.
No one ASKS for car trouble - especially in this bury weather.

I'm at the Observer's house.
He's watching Young And Restless.
That's his favourite show.
He's watched it since he was young, which is a LONG time.

We fought yesterday.
We don't do it often.
It started out as the Observer being hurt by something I said.
He didn't want to tell me he was hurt.
But I knew.

I said sorry and explained myself.
The Observer was all bent.
Fighting freaks him out.
I need space during fights.
He's different.

We're fine now.
Sometimes fighting is good.
It's honestly.
It's communication.

I can be too blunt at times
Too opinionated.
Too logical.
Too hard.

The Observer is emotional.
A heart thinker.

We're a good mix, I think.
He's my favourite person, even to fight with.


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sorry hun for the freak out...I'LL work on keeping my emotions in check I love u.