Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good stuff...

Today I thought about how lucky I am.

I did some errands and realized what a blessing it is to live in the middle of life.

I went out for dinner with the Observer and his co-workers. They are such good people. I wanted to kiss the Observer, but it wasn't the right timing. Wanting to kiss someone is sweet, especially when they want to kiss you back.

I am full. I devoured nachos. They were delicious.

I am listening to Pink. Her music is very catchy and always makes me smile. Life is good. I still feel a little lost, but maybe that's OK.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

A little bit of sweetness...

Nothing much to say.....
Life is moving along.
It's still cold.
I want to cut my hair.

I've been waiting for something exciting.
Something to break the routine of each day.
I am feeling bored and unproductive.
I ought to be doing more - learning more.

The Observer and I stayed in today.
It was relaxing.
We can do nothing and have a good time.
He almost fell out of his wheelchair.
That would have been something.

Someone in my building is moving tomorrow.
He's a friendly guy.
I don't know his name.
He told me he was moving and that I was beautiful.

Maybe that was what I was waiting for.
It wasn't exciting
Or even a big deal
It was sweet
That's better than exciting.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank you...

I had an amazing Valentine's Day. The Observer and I had a yummy dinner together and I was totally spoiled with jewelery and CDs. He is one sweet fella.
Today beautiful orange and pink daisies arrived at my door. Daisies are my favourite flower, especially orange ones. I was not expecting a special delivery, since I had already received special presents. I LOVE sweet surprises. Who doesn't, really? Thank you Observer. I am one lucky girl.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I LOVE the Observer because:
  • He's VERY kind hearted.
  • He smells great.
  • He works hard, which inspires me to do the same.
  • He listens.
  • He laughs (sometimes at himself!)
  • He's a good kisser.
  • He shows his feelings.
  • He's soooo sweet.
  • He's smart.
  • He helps me look forward to the future.
  • He loves his mom and whole family.
  • He's trust-worthy.
  • He has a cute Italian accent.
  • He is my role model.
  • He's not afraid to ask for help.
  • He's friendly.
  • He swirls his pasta around his fork, which makes me smile.
  • He holds my hand.
  • He can read me.
  • He's always there to talk to.
  • He likes to be busy.
  • He trys everything.
  • He's my best friend.
  • He makes life sweeter.



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Special occaisions...

I don't know what to say. I'm OK. Nothing is new. I saw the movie The Queen. It's informative and scandalous. There's a line about the royal family from the character who portrays Tony Blair. He says,"Will someone please save these people from themselves?" I had to laugh.

I would NEVER want to be royalty, or even rich. I like simplicity. I like little pleasures. I like surprises. Having less is less complicated. Having more means more complication. A free coffee makes me happy. I don't buy a coffee every day, but when I do, I really enjoy it. If I could buy one every day, maybe it wouldn't taste as good.

I went to the dentist the other day. I have a kind dentist. My teeth are in good shape right now. I smile all the time, so they better look good. I hope my teeth stay that way.

Tonight we are celebrating the Observer's birthday. We are going out for pasta at a good restaurant downtown. I hope everything goes well, and the Observer enjoys himself. He's almost thirty.

Birthdays are special, especially for special people. They are important, because they don't happen every day.