Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some like it clappy...

When the Observer sees someone performing well on TV or anything good happens, he claps. He claps loudly. He claps even if it just the two of us watching TV. He claps freely.
At first I found this oddly irritating. No one on TV can see him clapping, so what's the point? He's only clapping to himself......or his family......or me (and we all probably wish he would stop.)
After thinking about spontaneous, solo clapping, I now say, why not? If we are happy, why not show it? Why not laugh? Smile? Jump? Squeal? Cry? Or clap?
Life's short. I may not be into clapping, but I'm glad the Observer is happy and he knows it and he really wants to show it.



aww thanks

love u

Random Pictures & Musings said...

I like the fact that the Observer claps, I wish I was as happy as you both are. I keep trying to do the best and be the best that I can do, each and everyday :D