Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bugs be gone!

I hate bugs. I hate the ones that multiply and bite. Bugs make me itchy and squirmy. I'm always thinking that they are crawling on me, waiting to bite or worse laying eggs so a whole bug family can live on my skin. Call me crazy. Maybe I am, but just when it comes to critters.
I had the exterminator visit my apartment today. I just couldn't take it any more. I had ants - gross creepy, tiny, crawling, red ants. I haven't been sleeping well since I noticed them making themselves at home. I hate uninvited guests, especially when they bite.
When Pest Control left my apartment, there was a musty stench hanging in the air. I guess it was from the gel they put around. I've had the door open to air out my place all day. The soundtrack of the city is quite unique. It includes yelling, hooking, streetcars, dogs barking, laughter, bike riders, pedestrians and other summer sounds.
For a break from the bug killing smell, I wheeled to the mall. It was a pleasant trip. Warm weather seems to make people happy.
I bought two brightly-coloured shirts on sale with a gift certificate the Observer gave me as an anniversary present. Thanks Observer! I hardly ever buy anything. I guess technically I didn't buy the shirts, but both made me happy.
I feel bad for the deceased ants who passed this morning. I probably would not have gone shopping had there not been a funky smell lingering. I am glad I shopped, so thank you ants for motivating me to go. Every time I wear my new red and pinks shirts, I will think of you up in bug heaven. Rest in peace little critters.