Wednesday, July 11, 2007

EVENING at the movies...

"There's no such thing as a mistake. You get nervous, but you sing anyways. "

- From the movie Evening

The Observer and I saw the movie Evening. One of us enjoyed the movie. One of us was able to sit through it. It was heavy on meaning, symbolism and emotion, light on action, drama and gore. Can you guess who enjoyed the flick and who (very sweetly) tolerated it? Evening was my kind of flick. The Observer didn't hate the movie, but didn't love it either.

I was moved by the idea of an old lady who was dying and reflecting back on her life as her children struggled to make sense of theirs.

Evening reminded me of these aspects of life:

  • Love is unfair for some people, especially when it is unrequitted.
  • Sometimes we just have to trudge on with what we have, even though we may wish our lives were different.
  • Parents are not perfect, but most do the best they can.
  • Things often make sense after they happen, not as they are happening.
  • Having people stand beside us matters more than having them know exactly what to do.
  • Life is impossible to predict and it never waits for us to be certain of anything.

Thanks Observer. You sat with me for an insightful evening. It meant a lot to me.


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