Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From When Food Is Love...

*Commit yourself.
*Tell the truth.
*Trust yourself.
*Pain ends, and so does everything else.
*Laugh easily.
*Cry easily.
*Have patience.
*Be willing to be vulnerable.
*When you notice that you are clinging to anything and it's causing trouble, drop it.
*Be willing to fail.
*Don't let fear stop you from leaping into the unknown or from sitting in dark silence.
*Remember that everything gets lost, stolen, ruined, worn out, or broken: bodies sag and wrinkle: everyone suffers; and everyone dies.
*No act of love is ever wasted.

- p. 209

It matters whether you see yourself as someone who is capable of effecting change or whether you see yourself as someone whose voice does not count. It matters whether you treat yourself with reverence or with carelessness. Every bit of work you do on yourself matters. Every time you choose love, it matters.

- 204

When food is love, love is hard and lacquer-shiny. Love is outside of you, another thing to acquire and make yours. When love is love, there is nothing standing between you and your breaking heart.

Love moves you. And that is good.

- 205

The only thing worse than staying is leaving. I can't get away from myself.

- 203

Geneen Roth

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