Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More to chew on...

From When Food Is Love...

Being in a relationship is painful. But it's real pain. It's not the pain of wanting someone who doesn't want you, nor is it the pain of trying to fix someone's life so that they can see the truth - or you.......Real pain happens when you strip away what's standing between you and being awake. It's the gritty pain of growing up..........It's the pain of shaking off what you've taken on and and isn't yours so that you can step into a glimmer of a life that is yours.

The pain of a compulsion is not real pain. Neither is the pain of being with an unavailable or abusive partner. I don't mean to say that you don't hurt, only the pain is piled on top of a deeper, truer, pain. There is original pain, pain of loss, loneliness, sorrow, fear. There is pain and there is pain on top of pain. Healing is about opening up the wound and letting it heal from the inside out, exposing it to the wind and sun and time, not piling bandages on it and screaming each time your skin gets caught in the adhesive tape.

p. 197

The nature of obsession is that it protects you from the truth.

p. 197

Geneen Roth