Friday, October 12, 2007


here i sit with myself.
just me.
and my long, typing fingers
click, click.

its getting darker earlier.
fall is now.
i felt chilly today.
the wind was blowing.

it's friday.
usually the observer comes over.
he's spinning the tunes tonight at a teen dance.
since i'm not a teen, i feel very out of place.

i know the observer will do a great job.
he always does.
that's why he keeps getting asked to be the disc jockey.
i miss him today, but i'm glad he's doing what he loves.

my stomach is making weird gurgling noises.
sometimes that happens when i chew gum.
maybe it has something to do with getting the gastric juices flowing.
i can hear myself chewing.

i hear a crackle.
i hear my grinding teeth.
i hear my gum shifting in my mouth.
i hear myself swallowing.

have you ever really listened to yourself?
you should try it.
you will be surprised how much you will hear,
even though you aren't saying anything.

i am lonely tonight.
the radio is playing sweet tunes,
but it's not a person,
i miss conversation and affection.

here i sit with with myself.
just me.
click, click
and the music.


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gr8t blog post i missed u 2