Saturday, October 20, 2007


Weekends are usually something to look forward to. Free time is almost always great. I don't know anyone who doesn't like time off - unless it's because of loss or something.

I'm enjoying my weekend so far. It's all about the Observer and me. Last night we went exploring and found one of our favourite chain restaurants. The night was crisp - not too chilly and just perfect for a long trek. We shared this AMAZING, rich, gooey, huge slab of chocolate cake. Every morsel was heaven. I'd do anything while eating that cake. It's worth every calorie. For me, part of the cake's appeal might be that it's about the size of three pieces of cake morphed into one gigantic slab of chocolaty heaven. When I eat it, I feel as though I am being deliciously bad. Every bite is fantastically sinful. I told the Observer that I'd eat a whole piece of that cake next week. I think I can do it. Where there is chocolate, anything is possible.

Today the Observer came over and we tried out a newly opened coffee shop. There was an air of sophistication to the place and it was obvious that they take coffee seriously. The Observer was impressed with the look and smell of their sweet treats, so we will have to check them out at a later date. The coffee itself was middle of the road in terms of taste, but my opinion could have been altered but my slightly sore stomach. If I am feeling unsettled in my belly, coffee can taste off and unsatisfying. Thankfully, this is rare though. We will definitely be returning to the shop a second time, so it couldn't have been that bad. My favourite part of living down-town is being surrounded by coffee shops. It's a caffeine opportunity at every turn.

We came home and ate dinner. I think I encouraged the Observer to eat more than he wanted, which I am sorry for. I worry he will be hungry and indirectly cause him to eat past his comfortable amount. I will work on listening to him, even if it means throwing out food. I don't want to be a host who causes her guests to feel overstuffed or bloated.

It's my bed-time now. I've had a good day. Love, chocolate cake, coffee and kisses is a recipe for a sweet day.


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