Monday, November 26, 2007

Funked up...

Have you ever been in a funk? If you're human, you will answer yes. If you answer no, sorry but you're lying. Funks happen. I bet even the queen has them.

See, I've been in a funk for the last few days. Stuff has been bugging me. I feel as wide as a house. My clothes are STILL tight. It's OK though. I will be fine. I just keep telling myself that.

The Observer and I saw Bee Movie yesterday. It's very funny and smart - not just for kids. We both laughed, which means it's a movie that appeals to different tastes.

After the movie, I asked the Observer if we could go to the grocery store so I could pick up a few things. I told him it would only take a minute. We spent an hour and a half there. I thought I wanted soup since I finished the last can the day before. We found a big bin of discounted soup cans and the Observer kindly sifted through them for a can of chicken noodle. Then I found tomato soup and picked up a can too. I decided I wanted fruit, so the Observer picked up two pears. On the way to the check-out counter, I changed my mind about the soup and pears. If I was the Observer, I would have strangled me. He spent so long sorting through soup cans to find just the one (s) I wanted. I debated getting the pears for a very long time. Let's be honest: two pears aren't a big deal. I would have eaten them eventually. It's not like buying them would have been hard on the purse strings, but sometimes I just can't make decisions - whether it's pears or where to live. The Observer just laughed and shook his head. He's patient. If you hang out with yours truly, it's a trait you'll come to appreciate.

We also went to Starbucks for coffee, which I always enjoy. It's a good chance for the Observer and I to have a heart-to-chat, and of course, the coffee is good.

So, my funk is slowly fading. I feel like buying some pears or soup. Or not............


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