Monday, November 12, 2007

This, that, and other stuff...

It's raining today. It's raining hard. It's the kind of day when you wish you could stay in bed as soon as you open your eyes. I find those days hard to stay motivated because it is just so dark and dreary. Thankfully though the desire to stay in bed never lasts too long. It's just a matter of getting out from under the sheets and smelling coffee brewing that will get me moving.

It's also getting colder outside. Yuck! I'm not a winter person. I hate the cold. Just thinking about it makes me shiver with dislike. As I said earlier, the only thing I like about winter is Christmas. I keep saying that 50 years from now I am going to move to Florida where it is warm all year round but someone told me there is more and more hazardous weather around there. I can't believe how fast time is passing. It feels like it was just summertime.

I really want to go out today and buy a cup of coffee from a coffee shop near my house. Coffee from a coffee shop is something I really enjoy but a small novelty I don't allow myself every day. I guess if I did that, I might take it for granted. Yesterday I went to Starbucks with the Observer and had a cup of coffee at around seven thirty in the evening. As soon as I finished my cup of Java, I noticed myself talking faster and my thoughts were moving at lightning speed. There's just something about Starbucks. I think it's stronger than any other coffee around. If my stomach is a little bit off, it'll set a storm brewing.

We had a pretty mellow day yesterday just hanging out. We talked and watched TV for awhile and had dinner. I had a glass of red wine which I really enjoyed. I usually save wine for the weekend because it is a guilty pleasure. The only kind I drink is the red stuff. It's kind of funny because the Observer is the Italian one and he doesn't even like wine.

On Saturday I was going to go out for dinner and to a movie with friends in the "905" but I had transportation issues so I decided that, instead of taking the chance of getting stranded, it would be better just to stay at home and chill. At first I was disappointed but I actually ended up really enjoying the quiet reading time. Gee, I'm turning into an old lady!

Sometimes my favorite time of the day is when I am just quietly watching TV or reading a book before bed. Does that sound strange? Perhaps I am an introvert, but I do really enjoy being out with my friends. I guess that's normal. Everyone says that I must get lonely living alone but most of the time I enjoy it. To be honest, there are days when I wish I had company with me. I get tired of myself. I mean, it's not like I am alone all the time. I often go home and the Observer often comes to visit, which is something I really look forward to. I suppose, after l living alone for almost 5 years I've gotten used to it. I like to listen to my mellow music and drink my cup of coffee in the morning. It's funny how we develop our own little rituals. I guess they are all different, depending on who we are. Another one of my rituals into watching TV before I fall asleep. Since I got my TV at Christmastime, I've watched it every night. I enjoy watching CBC and News-world documentaries on TV.

Another obvious ritual that I do daily is talk on the phone. Most of us do , I suppose . When we live alone, and the phone rings, it can only be for one person. That can work as both an incentive or deterrent to pick up the phone. I like being able to keep the temperature of my apartment just as I like it. I like sleeping with no noise and waking up with just myself. Maybe I am so content to live alone because I am young. All advantages aside, it would be nice to settle down one day. Life is sweeter with two.

Today is Monday. It's almost the middle of November. Already??? Christmas is around the corner. Yahoo! I am like a little kid when it comes to the holidays. Who isn't?????? It's not the gifts or food that excite me. (They help, of course!) It's the traditions and family time. It's the memories. Holidays are hard to forget.

Well, the night is winding down, so I'm going to partake in my end of day ritual of hitting the hay very soon.



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