Monday, November 19, 2007

Weighty matters....

I feel really, really fat today. My jeans are tight. To me, this is the end of the world. Honestly. You know how they say we all have something? you know that little obsession or quirk that we're embarrassed to discuss? Well, for me, it's my weight. I'm very, very sensitive about my body size. People who don't know me well in real life might find this odd since I'm a pretty simple girl. I can't be bothered with make-up, I dress conservatively, and I try to be healthy. Since weight and health are connected, I suppose there IS a connection.

The thing about weight is that people feel the need to talk about it. It changes. There's an obsession in the media and on TV.

I hate the feel of my tight jeans right now. I feel like a fat pig. Argh.............this will pass.