Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Am Grateful For...

* My NEW computer!!!!!!!!!!

* Sunny days

* The Observer's shiny, smooth head

* Easter eggs

* My funky colouring book

* Living downtown

* Good books

* Tea

* The feeling of being safe even when it's dark

* Having people in my life that I love enough to miss when I don't see them

* Being born in a time of great technology and opportunity

Monday, March 03, 2008

To be young and to colour...

Have you ever noticed that your life changes on ordinary days? You are just going about your business and all of a sudden, something happens and it causes things to never be the same. I suppose that it's unrealistic to expect a life be anything but ordinary at any time. The weather is getting warmer, which makes me very happy. Warm weather is a blessing when we've had so many snowstorms this winter. The sun is out and more people seem to be smiling. People are kinder when the weather is nice as well. Most people anyway. I hope the sunshine continues but it's not up to me.

I had a good weekend which always makes starting the week easier. On Friday the observer and I both braved the snow storm and met for dinner which was quick but worthwhile. I felt bad because we were very rushed but at least we got to see each other. It was difficult to get to the restaurant to meet since the weather was so poor. My bus driver was very sweet so that made it okay. It was easier to get home and it was to get to the restaurant. The smart thing to do would have been to cancel our plans but since I am sometimes young and foolish this did not occur to me. Sometimes I still do things that aren't very smart. I guess it's my age and lack of life experience. Sometimes I lack logic. I over think things and don't think enough. No one is perfect I suppose, and at least the Observer and I got to visit.

There is something I've been dying to do and you are going to laugh when I tell you. I've been dying to purchase a coloring book. I haven't collared in at least 15 years but there is just something about it that is calling me. There is a restaurant that will remain nameless which offers crayons on the table if guests feel like writing or drawing. The last time I went to the restaurant, I snagged myself a purple crayon. I felt very bad at first but now I realize that they won't really miss it. I'm so excited to color! It's a bit sad. I do think it's important to do whatever makes us happy, even if it involves activities that people under the age of 10 usually enjoy. Life is short so I'm going to color.