Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A quick judgement...

I'm looking outside the window of my sun room. I just saw a suspicious looking dude. Actually "suspicious" might not be the right word. Why should I be suspicious, right? He's just walking down the street looking as though he is.......struggling. He looks dishevelled. He's wearing a toque. (It's not that cold.) His socks are pulled up showing his bare knees and he's walking like he's unbalanced. The dude seems off. I'm judging a stranger based on looks and from seeing a second of his behaviour. I'm not being fair. I know that.

Who knows the dishevelled dude's history? Is he homeless? Does he have psychological issues? A drug problem? A physical condition? Was he in some type of accident? Maybe he's just down on his luck.

Who knows? Who am I to judge??? I know that's exactly what I did. I hate when people judge me, but maybe it's just a fault of human nature. No one is perfect, though I will try to be a little more accepting.


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once again good food for thought.

love u