Thursday, April 24, 2008

The world outside my window...

I'm tired today. Last night was a sleepless one for me. No one enjoys those nights. My stomach was giving me troubles. It's better now, so I am happy about that. The sun is shinning. We have had beautiful weather the last few days - very spring-like. People are outside more and the streets are busier. I like it that way. No winter coats is heaven!

My plan for today was to go and visit the Observer at his apartment, but I'm having transportation issues. Buses can be a pain. Don't get me wrong; I really appreciate living in such an accessible city where I am afforded such freedom to go out, but sometimes the rules around booking rides are frustrating.

I'm keeping my windows open. It's too early for air conditioning and the air is pretty stale. I hear so many bits and pieces of conversation,s car engines and movement I never noticed before. If you can't tell, I'm feeling sorry for myself today, but listening to all that action outside my window makes me realize that life doesn't stop just because we're having a rough time and that is good.