Friday, May 23, 2008

Music and dreams...

It's quiet now. That's strange because I don't live in a quiet part of town. I'm enjoying this weather. It's breezy and warm at the same time.

I'm listening to a new Coldplay song called Violet Hill. It's pretty, classic and sweet just as Coldplay's work usually is. I really like a new artist called Duffy who has an album called Rockferry. Her biggest hit right now is a song called Mercy that was featured in the last Grey's Anatomy episode. Upon reviewing Duffy's other album tracks, the Observer and I decided the next big single will probably be Syrup and Honey. Duffy sounds a lot like Janis Joplin. She's worth a listen if you like folk or jazz tunes.

I just called the Observer. I woke him up. He sounded all groggy and cute. I hope he fell back to sleep and he's dreaming sweet dreams. My Mom went to bed not long ago so I hope she's dreaming sweetly too. If you're reading this, goodnight and sweet dreams to you.


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