Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rain, rudeness and flowers...

It's a sticky, grayish day outside, but it's all good. It's not warm out, but not cool either - a light jacket does the job.

I just got back from the grocery store. I have been there twice today. Once to get two African violets for my Mom and sister and another time to get cash back. Not the best planning on my part, but at least I got fresh air. I'm a bit worried about the African violets. I don't want them to go all droopy and weird before my Mom and sister even see them. I love flowers, especially giving them away, but I don't know much about maintaining them. Do you keep them wrapped up before giving them away? How much water do they need? Where is the best place to keep them? Can they stay inside or outside? Can they tolerate exposure to warm or cold air? I've got a lot to learn.........

Yesterday I took a taxi to meet the Observer at the movies. On the way, the driver picked up a sweet, chatty, frail older lady. I knew instantly that she was kind and wise. I said hello to her and she chatted with the driver. He was a bit off. I insanely knew this too. As we continued on closer to the other passenger's home and she talked, the driver became more impatient. When we pulled up to her home, he barely let her finish her sentence before telling her he had to get going and didn't have time to chat. The driver watched her struggle to get out of the taxi not bothering to help or say goodbye. I asked the sweet lady if she was OK - hoping that would prompt the driver to get off his bottom and show some respect. He didn't, but at least I tried.

Once the sweet lady was out of the taxi, the driver turned to me and said, "F**king old people think we have all day to talk. They should realize we have a job to do. Don't you agree?" I said nothing. I was too angry. I find ignorance and impatience towards senior citizens profoundly disturbing, perhaps because I understand what it's like to be vulnerable, to take a little more time, to need a little more attention. I also think senior citizens deserve respect, because they have earned it by being here and serving their purpose. Those who have lived have experienced and know a great deal more than I do, so how can I not respect that? On another level, we are all going to get old, so isn't it best to model how we want to be treated when the time comes? If that driver behaved so rudely towards someone I knew, I would have spit in his face. I would have yesterday if I was upfront.

My other taxi driver later that afternoon was very sweet, so maybe equilibrium was at work. It's raining now. Somewhere, I hope that insensitive driver has a flat tire and is getting drenched in his evil rear end.


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