Thursday, June 12, 2008

A cool breeze...

"I have found a jewel in this rocky ground."

- Molly Johnson

My sun room window is open. There's a very cool breeze blowing on my arms and I can feel goosebumps beginning. The heat wave must have cooled for now. I like when there's a breeze. It's very refreshing - so much better than chilly winter wind. When I get older, I'm moving where it's warm. Life is too short to freeze.

On that note, I discovered a new frozen dessert - berries, melon or mango slices stored in the freezer until good and icy then taken out to thaw until edible. It's a very cold treat and tastes a bit like a solid fruit sherbet. So far, melon is my favourite and blueberries are a close second. Actually, I just had some frozen melon slices so now I'm VERY cold.......brr. I need to move away from this window, so goodnight and feel the cool breeze, even if it's a bit nippy where you are.