Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm looking at a picture of my Dad. He's wearing his police officer attire and he's beside his horse, Harry. The picture was taken about five years ago right before he retired from the police force. Dad looks so happy next to his four-legged co-worker and friend. Dad was a police officer for three decades. He retired young and works as a courier. He loves his job now. Since retiring, Dad seems more relaxed and just more content with life. That makes me happy. I love my father more than any man on Earth. He's very soft spoken and kind - his eyes tell you this.

I see Dad often, but I miss him when I don't. I miss talking over coffee and his little jokes that are silly and smart all at the same time. I miss me calling me "cutie" and kissing my forehead. I miss listening to his ipod and sharing our favourite music. I miss sitting at the breakfast table with articles he saved for me. I miss his snacks that are always put together with a little bit of artistic flare. I miss listening to his quiet snoring as he naps.

I'll see Dad soon. Every time I look at his picture, I remember why it's so great to go home and why I don't stay away too long.