Saturday, June 14, 2008

Driven crazy...

Little things annoyed me today. That's not unusual, but I got really worked up, which doesn't happen every day. I found myself cursing more than usual too, and that's not like me.

I had an attendant helping me this morning who is sweet but a bit fumble minded. I have to spell out directions very clearly or she looks lost. Today her lack of common sense and airy-fairy ways drove me nuts. I found myself wondering if she really was as lost as she appears or whether it's some act. "Are you really so dumb?" I wanted to say. I hope she couldn't read my irritated expression. I'd be surprised if she's so perceptive, but she is kind which is more important. Given the choice, she would not have been the first face I saw in the morning. At least my first two cups of coffee were good. She can brew some good java.

In the afternoon I had a horrible taxi driver. His whole disposition annoyed me. The guy was loud and had the most phony cackle. Laughter usually makes me happy; his made me want to scream. His road rage and swearing made me want to swat him. When he yelled, "fu*ki*g a**hole" at a driver, I couldn't help thinking that some would say the same about him. The driver let a lady cross the street on a stop sign and he said, "Aren't I nice?" I said nothing. I HATE when people point out to others when they do something kind. It shows insecurity and the kindness isn't pure.

The good part of my day was that I saw the Observer and an old friend. Seeing them was a bright spot in my not-so-happy day. However, the brightness was short-lived. I got stuck with a late bus and a slow driver who stopped to chat with every passenger and their grandmother. He was the polar opposite of the taxi driver, but I really had to pee and was hungry. Every time he stopped or dawdled, I wanted to say, "If you don't hurry up, your bus floor will be covered in a yellow liquid." I said nothing and was thankful, the bus driver was kind.

I heard that my tax driver from this morning has four kids. It's Father's Day tomorrow, and after meeting that crazy dude, I realize that my Dad is a five-star fellow.


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u damn right he is